We are relaunching our website over the next few weeks due to issues which could not be overcome with the old established one. Please bear with me as I try to build it back up in due course

FA Full-Time

Please follow the link to find the most up-to-date information regarding fixtures, referees, results and league tables.

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Whole Game System

Every Club Secretary should have access to WGS. This is the portal used to register your players in order that they can appear in any form of football.

FA MatchDay App

Designed to make your administration easier. You can select your squad, handle your scores and stats, and automatically populate FullTime as you go. Discipline will feed into this so you cannot select banned players etc.

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Our aim, as it is every season, is to provide an honest, fair & competitive league for all teams to compete in. We pride ourselves in trying to do things the right way……with respect for everyone and all other organisations. By nature, we are competitive and expect everyone to uphold, respect & preserve the integrity of these competitions. I have an experienced Management team who have decades of experience and share my love for the game. Between us we intend to continue to improve the experience for our own clubs and look forward to making sure the ESFC is the place to be for all teams and match officials.

Bob Chesney, Chairman of the League

Where views are expressed on this website, please bear in mind that they are purely my own and not necessarily those of the Essex Sunday Football Combination. Where possible, every care has been taken not to offend, or to cause offence. The intention of this website is to be informative and entertaining, as well as conveying messages designed to help our member teams and associated friends. If you are affected by any content, please email info@esfc1937.uk in the first instance to convey your thoughts.

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