League & Cup Rules

Although the relevant information is part of our rulebook which is updated and released every season, here are some bullet point captures.

League Competition

  • 11 players per side
    • 5 named substitutes, all of whom may be re-used (subject to rule ratification at the AGM 2020 and a maximum number to be used
  • Scores and match reports being submitted by the following
    • eCard submission via the ESFC website
    • The FA MatchDay app which feeds directly into the FA FullTime system
  • If you need to field an unregistered player, use our official Matchday Player Registration Form to record the details of the player and gain the opposition’s Secretary signature for confirmation.
    • The details on the form should be used to immediately register this player on the Whole Game System, remembering that he has to grant consent and then you have to submit to the League for Approval so that due process is completed within three days. Outside of these timings, the player can be considered to have been used as a ringer and sanctions may be imposed on the team.
    • You can sign two players in this fashion prior to any league game
  • Home team pays for the pitch and referee
  • Referees fee for a doubleheader is £50

Cup Competitions

  • No new players may be signed on the day and those that are selected must have been registered at least 7 days prior to the match taking place.
  • If the home pitch is not available on the date scheduled, then the Fixtures Secretary has the right to switch it to an available pitch (usually the Away team)
  • The home team covers the cost of the pitch and the away team pays the referee
  • Matches are 90 minutes, with an additional 30 mins then penalties (if needed) if not settled in normal time.
  • Players need to have played in 2 competitive ESFC games before becoming eligible for a semi-final fixture.
  • Players need to have played in 4 competitive ESFC games before being eligible for the Final.