Chaos Threatens Sunday Football

Just be careful out there. The chill factor will make it feel way below freezing. It is VITAL that you are warmed up properly if your game goes ahead. Insist on making sure you are ready to play football.

Game Status

As it currently stands we have status updates on two games that were scheduled to go ahead tomorrow

Walthamstow Red Star vs Debden Sports – OFF

Bretons Manor vs BSL – No referee currently (pulled out around 17:30hrs)

Every week, changes to the schedule are being effected well into Saturday evening. This is NOT an ideal situation for anyone to be in.

For whatever reason, the bottom line is that plans are thrown completely awry and the need for answers greater as the Secretaries are scrambling around trying to contact all involved.

The Statutory laws state that both teams must mutually agree to a referee in the absence of an appointed match official. It’s not always convenient to do this with so much at stake, but we do ask you to explore this option.

Late Calls

As you may be aware, Jim is not in the best of health, so I am doing my best but it’s an impossible job when my working hours are long and varied. My phone is constantly pinging and I dread looking at it in case another ref has fallen ill.

There is a lack of numbers all over the country so it matters not where you play. There is also a lengthy injury list amongst our regular panel, so this is another reason for the struggles. Also, be aware that no referee may demand a higher fee than what he/she is entitled to.

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By Joe

Founded in 1937, we are the oldest established Sunday Football League for open age players.