Offseason Shenanigans

First of all, let me apologise for the lack of updates in recent times.

It seems as if everything collided at the same time and there had to be casualties.

Sadly, ill health & work commitments have left us short when it really mattered but let me fill in some details.

Bob, Roger & myself have worked tirelessly since last season in trying to nail down new teams and dealing with existing clubs who needed their own situations redressed.

There is more than one disease that rocks football during this period but it all leads to the same thing. But in the interests of just highlighting the main issues, leading teams from the initial process, detailing all the admin steps needed, walking them hand in hand through every stage only then to find that they have embarked on their journey elsewhere is frustrating. Of course, everyone deserves to have a choice, but I am only talking about those that PROMISED to see the journey through with the Combination.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, using Essex County officials to harvest new recruits to another league by direct contact is about as shady as it gets. Be ashamed and crawl back under your well-protected rock. I know your colleagues in Springfield will turn a blind eye but just get on with your own interests and look back to your predecessors, who knew not to tread on toes. It worked fabulously well until you got involved.

It continues to this day, so the effort in dealing with these characters is wasted when we should be concentrating on other matters. It’s also a known fact that the referees that usually indicate and prefer to officiate in the ESFC have also been approached over the last few seasons. Doing that on the promises of “promotions” is indicative of the level at which certain people are prepared to swoop.

That’s the rant over, we will use whatever path we can, the FA can get involved as far as I am concerned!

Now, our season has started and already the jostling for the leading positions has started. But let’s not be hasty in predicting where teams will finish as performances and finding your feet in unfamiliar surroundings is just as important. From what I have seen myself, I’ve been impressed with the efforts of those teams involved, managing a chat with a few of the individuals who have seen their sides at the coalface. Let me tell you once again….all is good! Realistically these are transitional times, trying to cope with the effects of the pandemic and how they translate to the pitch.

It’s been hard for some people, football to the core, to accept and fuel the enthusiasm to the level we’d normally expect at the start of a season. It’ll come to the diehards, but only once we acclimatise and have football being thrown at us relentlessly.

For us, it has not stopped, Bob & I speak every couple of days, we always have done and anybody who understands his passion will know that he bleeds everything Combination. Overall we are pleased at the application of most teams. There is a Championship to be won, promotions are there to be earned. we will talk about the levels in due course, but we need to be in the best position available for when we change in 2022.

That's all I am going to say for now, but notwithstanding, my thoughts are with Jim Brown as he fights illness and hoping he comes back fighting fit sooner rather than later. There are some things more important than football!