A reminder to all that admin will have a big focus for the Essex Sunday Football Combination this coming season.

Our income has suffered due to a lack of affiliation fees for two years, plus no cup finals or a hiatus on fines.

Now, that MUST change. In order to be fair to all the teams that do things properly, and to facilitate the requests for information by the FA & Essex County, we will now press ahead with a full adherence to the rules which govern all clubs in our County.

First up, you should all have been requesting permissions from your squad of players for the coming season.

Look at your pending actions and request consent for all those players that are returning for the new season

For all those players that are NOT coming back, tidy up your squad by detaching them. It also makes it easier for you to navigate your screens if they are not cluttered by obsolete players.

There is a new section where you can upload your logo, especially beneficial when your club identity/brand is recognised. Take note of the other highlighted options to add as much detail as possible.

I will be reminding people on a regular basis to attend to WGS requirements as there are dates and milestones for you to achieve before the first game is played.

Remember, only those teams that have supplied a pitch with dates, a minimum number of players to constitute a match, and all permissions approvals will be excused a fine. If you fail to achieve those minimums and you are allocated a match, then you risk forfeiture of points, a points reduction & fine. Let's avoid any issues and get this stuff out of the way.

Please send me a message or get in touch with Phippsy if you need our help.