Misc Updates

Council Meeting Online (to be arranged)

We will be having an online Council Meeting with all the clubs in due course. We are just finalising & envisaging the end of season and once we have that clarification, will sort an appropriate day & time to relay that information.


Happy to report that most teams have shown a fair amount of flexibility in terms of costs, movement & convenience in an attempt to complete this long running & fragmented season. Long may that spirit of cooperation exist.

FA FullTime Stats

We have, so far, been very lenient in applying fines for late or non-submission of the team stats. Your input is required ASAP so that I can meet deadlines for podcasts and any County/League issues that may arise. For example, your marks for the Referee are also sent to County & the FA as that match official might be chasing a personal promotion. Lethargy on your part can affect that process. I am aware that the system was upgraded but you won't know how it has impacted you until you have logged in successfully.

Fully intend to give Bob a comprehensive list of repeated missed deadlines so that we can get our house in order.

Rule Changes

In advance of the League AGM (expected June 2021, but subject to the conclusion of the current season) can you all please think about any additions or changes to our local rules. Are you clear on the current substitution rules? Do you know how much to pay for a Double-Header? Who changes kit when there is a clash?  Check all of them out and suggest changes to those that don't work and we can chat & vote on them.

SELK Podcast

Currently, I spend a lot of time researching and preparing some input for a podcast released every Tuesday. Other than my dulcet tones, this really is a good platform for getting our league some coverage amongst all the other significant competitions in the South East. There is very little feedback coming from you guys so please let me know if it is a waste of time.

Remember, you all asked for us to improve our social media presence, we have, so let's see you interact and promote your own product too. Don't forget, we can compete with anybody on the field, but also we can do this online too.

For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, we captured some lovely footage prior to & during the wonderful Global/Barkingside game. There are no easy games in this division & even though this remained scoreless, the quality level was insane. Now you can understand how well all the other teams are doing.

Click here to see how the day panned out

New Teams to the ESFC

If you are aware of any new team wishing to take up the challenge with the ESFC family then point them this way and we will be in touch. Nothing hurts with the initial enquiry and with our range of financial assistance for 2021-22, what better incentive than cutting your teeth with us.


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