Sorry for the rather cryptic start, but it’s been a bit of hazardous journey during the lockdown period. But, just to let you know, we continue to overcome the obstacles that certain people are putting in front of us. The recent attempts at undermining the league and its integrity are little short of laughable and we expect more. Whatever you throw, we will find ways to counter, with dignity & pride. Know who you are and what you stand for. Move on and concentrate on yourselves and be better people.

FA Grassroots Strategy

The FA have tasked themselves with implementing a strategy that aims to inject £180m into our beloved sport. Read their press release to understand how this will impact the game at a level which underpins and provides the platform for all footballers.

Click here to see the FA flyer

Online Player Registration

Phippsy & I make no apologies for mentioning this again but we need to make it clear. It does not only apply to us but to the whole of the football fraternity. The cut-off date for any player additions is Wednesday 31st March (midnight). There will be no sign on the day, transfers, new player approvals following this deadline. The system will not allow it no matter how much we press the buttons.

Game Review

I’ll be releasing a review of all the games this coming week but check out the new-look FA FullTime website which allows you to predict the outcome of the games and how the table would look…..a great feature. Don’t get me wrong, nobody knows what current form teams will have and if you call it right, log in to Sky’s Super Six or play the Lottery as your luck may be in.

One day to go!

Let’s be prepared for any last day shenanigans and make sure Dee is recognised for the influence that she is. Already our champion, it’ll be great to have the County recognition that she so richly deserves.

Looking Ahead to 2021-22

Want to be appreciated? Want to be part of the family? Catering for all levels, the only question is…..Are you up for it?