As we drift towards the continuation of our programme, which will see the resumption of LEAGUE games, we need to draw your attention towards a couple of key dates.

29 March 2021

You are now able to move to the next stage of the roadmap to removing lockdown restrictions. Refer to the Government guidelines to outdoor activities and connections with households other than your own. I’d rather that you all made yourselves acutely aware of those new protocols rather than my version of them.

31 March 2021

End of New Registrations

From midnight on this date, Wednesday 31st March, no additional players may be registered against your team. This date has already been extended because of Covid-19. The new portal is in full swing so please make sure you understand the process or call Paul or myself to discuss.

This date is not flexible and all league business will be concluded on this deadline. As you will be aware, this date falls before the first game back on the following Sunday, so you will need to have finished adjusting your squad, and have it in to Phippsy to approve on 31st March. Please do not leave it until the last minute as we want to make sure administration does not cause any issues in respect of playing matches. As a reminder, it’s your clubs responsibility to make sure each & every player is eligible.

New Look FA Full-Time

Celebrate Essex Footie Mums

As you may have seen, Dee Weare has been nominated as a recipient of a Grassroots Football Award. For those that have had the pleasure of being in her company, they will know it is a highly deserving piece of recognition. Can we ask that all our followers go on to Twitter to cast a vote for Dee.

Vote for Dee


Remember to check the venue and advise if incorrect.