Senior Division – COVID STOP UPDATE

So, football has been suspended amidst the COVID pandemic…..and so it should be.  There’s going to be no political comment here but suffice to say that if everyone had adhered to the guidelines, we would have been playing a lot sooner than what it will actually be.

Roger & Bob put together the  cup draws, in the vain hope that we might be able to sustain these competitions during this current season. But that is a forlorn hope. Roger mentioned that we could only afford to lose 1 or 2 weeks but those have now been eaten. It’s almost certain there will be little cup football this campaign but we will do our level best to make sure most teams have something to play for this year.

Bob & I have already discussed the remainder of the season, concentrating on making sure we can complete a league programme….and this will be done. Now you will understand why we opted for the smaller divisions.

We were thwarted, only us by the way, by County in terms of being allowed to use the weeks at the start of the season to complete the cup programme from 2019/20 but thankfully they have set a precedent and that will now allow us to use prohibitive dates without fear of reprisals. 

On a positive note, there were several good news stories developing around the ESFC.  Walthamstow Red Star were straight out of the blocks and leading the way with good authority, earning plaudits for effective and committed football. Belfry have only played 4 league games but have slotted in nicely to keep one eye on the gold medal spot. They have a few games in hand and are coming in off the back of a 6-2 mauling of the reigning champs, Global.

Elsewhere, JK Silvertown have been pulling up trees and invited themselves to the ceremonial games. The prospect of a multi-team fight for honours is growing with each match completed. Weare Utd are another team who are legitimate ticket holders too. Every bad reason not to complete a game has been against them so far. But, make no bones about it, unbeaten in their two outings so far, gives you a good indication of the strides made and clues to the direction the club is heading. The whole committee wishes Dee well in her fight to get back to helping Ross & the lads reach the promised lands.

Barkingside, fresh from their Premier Cup 19/20 success at Barking FC, have the perennial resilience to be amongst the mix at all times. On their day, simply up there with the best.

FC Leytonstone are a welcome addition to the Senior Division. Mixing youth and an abundance of experience has given the new boys at Senior level every chance of lifting the club to a point where they won’t look back. Their recent Bellamy Cup Final win in Lodge Avenue was perfect proof that the strides being taken are very effective indeed.

Looking at the table, Newbury Forest are looking up at the other teams but, in no uncertain terms, will they be considering they are out of their depth. If you have a modicum of seriousness about your game, you will be wanting to eat at the top table for the duration. There is no evidence, that without a little bit of good fortune, they could not have turned around some of their scores so far. The club is on the up, their overall stock is massive and going places. Every season we look for teams who feel they have a chance to make a statement. Maybe not winning the whole thing, but those who recognise that they should be competing at a higher level to progress their ambitions. Hats off to those who have that positive attitude.