Just so that you know we are still around, here’s an update or two.

Season 2019-2020

As it stands, we will still be following the null & void conclusion to the season that never was. Apparently we are still awaiting the FA Council ratification to Steps 3 & below despite reports to the contrary recently. Our stance is that we have to be fair to every team in the ESFC and that would lead us to only one outcome. When we look at the messages that come out from the Premier League & The FA, they say a lot without actually saying much at all. Every statement just leaves more questions than answers.

Fines, Bans & Misconduct

I’ve seen it reported that any misconduct, bans, yellow or red card transgressions will be carried over to the new season alongside any outstanding County/FA debt. It’s important to remember that we had some serious transgressions which led to significant punishments. Would you seriously be advocating a reduction or bypassing of a full term ban or fine?

Promotions (Referees)

In the same fashion, refereeing still took place and those games still counted towards respective promotional campaigns. I have to say that our group had a few on the scheme and I am happy to report those below. It is a big undertaking to commit yourself to the system as it involves being in the “middle” for a certain number of games, being an assistant on supply leagues such as the Olympian or Essex Senior League for instance, as well as midweek commitments. Add that to fitness tests for some, development sessions and examinations and you will understand that for those who do achieve, it has been quite a journey. I managed to get my own Level 5 (Senior County Referee) as well as Aaron Mills & George Barker. Those are great achievements for these guys who I know dedicate a lot of time to their craft and make themselves available to the ESFC every week. And I have to report that a good friend, Nick Vermaat, has been nominated to L4 (Supply League Referee) and continues his progression with us on a regular basis. Overall, we have such high & improving standards amongst our match officials, and that work will continue when football manages to restart again.

WGS (Whole Game System)

First of all, we haven’t abandoned our commitment to the system, just that we need to recognise that there is a lot more to consider and without regular updates and consultations with our clubs, priorities have led elsewhere. But this IS a good time to read the guidelines and requirements that have been issued by The FA, via County, to introduce and remind the clubs what it is all about. Myself & Paul Phipps, as well as Robert Craven at Essex County FA, are on hand to answer anything you wish to ask so it’s probably a good idea to click the links and familiarise yourselves with that you need to do. It will be mandatory before you know it and we’d rather you attended to it ASAP.


Annual General Meeting

We are required, according to the Standard Code of Rules, to hold our AGM during June. We will be looking into holding this virtually using an appropriate system and that will be communicated to you all in good time. Please make sure that yourself or a representative of your club is available for this important conference.