Having taken some advice and then the thoughts of the clubs, it became apparent that very few saw any mileage in prolonging the agony of the current league campaign.

With no indication of when grassroots might resume in the UK, making proper sense of the remaining requirements to allow for clear winners proved beyond the realms of plausibility.

It’s quite clear that one of our divisions didn’t have a clearly defined or runaway champion, so as we are not allowed to have separate systems used to determine Champions or relegated teams, it was a 64% vote for null & void which decided the fate of the ESFC for 2019-2020.

This was reported back to Essex County FA, announced by us, and finally ratified by the FA Council immediately prior to Easter.

Sadly, it means we cannot recognise with a trophy, the tremendous work put in by the league leaders and a few other teams in what was turning out to be a defining season for many.

This will not sit well with a few teams understandably but decisions like this are rarely going to please everyone. With so many variables over the 30% of games still left to play, not even one of the league leaders could agree amongst themselves that a final victory was guaranteed. Ah, for the “ifs, buts & maybes” of modern-day sport!

The FA Council ratify Step 3 & below fate.

The case for the cups remains open though. But it must be said that there is plenty to be discussed before we can proceed towards completion.

  • Pitch availabilities
  • Player qualifications & insurance
  • Team availability
  • Limited window of opportunity
  • Feasible for these competitions to still be classed as 2019/2020 competitions, considering the amount of elapsed downtime
  • Probably only for considered for competitions that were at the Semi-Final stage already
  • How much of the new season would we be prepared to offset to accommodate these cups?

As a Committee, we are holding regular video conferences to make sure we stay in touch on all matters, including financial assistance to all clubs with the ESFC for the new campaign.

Staying in touch during lockdown

Above all else at this time, please remember.