Cancelled Games

We are now at the point of no return.

With immediate effect, ALL games will be subject to change and that includes matches for the forthcoming Sunday. Every team and match official will be subject to moves so please pay close attention to the communications from all sources as to the current situation.  We will attempt to keep the FA FullTime as up to the minute as we can. That remains your bible for ultimate info.

Please note that we have Cup Final dates to achieve and these are unmovable so priority will be given to get these in line.

West Essex Charity Cup

We fully support this important competition so please work with both Secretary/Organisers (Keith/Rob Parker/Runo) if your team is still involved. Both the Combination & Corinthian are in the same boat in trying to get their programmes completed so any initiative will be most welcome.

Essex County, Premier Cup

Global vs Elda

This inter-league game has been commanding a lot of attention and everyone is looking forward to it eventually being played. There’s lots at stake and both teams are keen to progress.

What may come of the banter that has taken place prior to the actual game may lead to something happening between the leagues in due course but I know our focus is currently on clearing and making sure our domestic games are covered. The attraction of this venture is out there for all to see but must take a back seat while we deal with the effects of “storm season”.

What I will say though is that we join our friends at the Essex Sunday Corinthian Football League in providing a platform for all teams to be able to play their football. That’s our vision and always has been. Who are the best teams and players will and should always be sorted out on the pitch? Let everything take a natural course and we will all see what happens in the near future.

Cup Game Qualifications

Following on from the message that Roger sent out last week we need to remind you all about the importance of getting in your eCards Match Reports. This information is required by ourselves and the FA in relation to the teams and match officials. Without it, can affect the qualification of players and if the referee is on a promotion scheme. 

The book is now closed on any previous sheets currently missing from our system and will not be added retrospectively. This means that if you qualify for a semi-final or Final then your squad availability could be compromised. That does seem silly to disqualify a player because your admin leaves a lot to be desired. Warnings & fines seem to fall on deaf ears, sadly.