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Following on from the intense battles last weekend, Twitter exploded with an exchange that was every bit as intense as it is on the field.

The last gasp winner from Tony da Silva kept Global on top of the world but it was no less than they deserved after a dominating second half.  But it was close, oh so close to dropped points.

I was there to witness another solid performance from Belfry, shorn of many players but managing to scrape together a side to try and get something from the reigning champions.

Global had taken the lead early in the game, only for the visitors to crank up the gears and turn the game on its head and take the lead. It was no less than they deserved and there was a feeling that they could actually make this one stick.

Chances flowed at both ends but as the game ploughed on in tricky conditions, the home team really came into their own in the second half.

Belfry had enjoyed the better of the two previous games against Global but without getting it across the line but were forced back on their heels in this one. With the scoreline locked at 2-2, Belfry could even have stolen a winner but man mountain da Silva came to rescue with his feet as the visitors failed to clear a corner and he smashed home with his left foot from 5 yards out.

FT – Global 3, Belfry 2