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JK Silvertown earned their first win of the new campaign with a 6-2 drubbing of high flyers, Shqipet. Belfry stole a draw from the jaaws of a victory after letting a 3-1 lead slip at home to Skrt. The visitors have now secured impressive results on their last two outings.

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In the only game of the division, Hillford ran riot in a dominant first half to lead by six at the break. Gants Hill will be pleaseed to have steadied the ship for the second half but the visitors are now third in a tightly contested division.

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Rainham WMC were the impressive winners of the week with a 5-2 dispatch of the previously in-form Hainault.  Now up to third, the home team are eager to join the promotion party. Wolfpack balanced their season with a good away win while FC Leytonstone travelled well and took the points from an enertaining game at Uplands Town.

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Newbury Forest Reserves continue to dominate and took advantage of an out-of-sorts Esprit and lead the division. Global Reserves are second, courtesy of a resounding success over local rivals Beckton Gas.It’s another closely fought division below those leaders though and promotion places up for grabs.

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In a repeat of last seasons final, Global left it late to overcome a battling and dogged Walthamstow, scoring the winner in the 89th minute. In another match, worthy of the final both sides had enough chances to have claimed victory and it’s a shame one had to lose. Barking Hounds faced up to the ESFC’s #1 team, Barkingside, but found them in super form and were unable to pull off a shock. Horse & Well also faced a team in imperious form from a higher division and they won’t be embarrassed in losing out despite giving AC Milano a game to remember.