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Now that the dust has settled on the start of a new exciting season, let’s recap how things progressed today.

Weare Utd 2, SKRT 2 (SENIOR DIV)

Having seen the interviews, what a refreshing approach to be disappointed with just a point in your opening game.  Both sides seem to have given their all for the cause and each will be pleased to get their first games on the board.  Those that follow social media closely will be monitoring the journey with interest as both teams are equipped for a testing season at the highest level.

Leading 2-1 at the break, Weare Utd conceded the equaliser before the end and the coaches for both sides know what they have to do to take their games to the next level as the established teams join the fray.

Man of the Match – Weare Utd

AC Milano 2, Loxford Lions 1 (D1)

In an thralling contest AC Milano edged to a win over promoted Loxford Lions who may consider themselves unlucky to lose out. But it’s points on the board that matter at the end of the day and for their first game since moving over from another league will inspire a lot of confidence. Loxford will go again as they find their feet while the home team will be itching to get going again.

Cardinals Athletic 4, Newbury Forest Reserves 6 (D3)

What a fantastic feast of goals coming out of Sydney Russell today as NF Res edged to a mesmeric victory at the hands of a Cardinal team who can be a tough team to play. The unknown quantity of any debutant is enough to cope with but the signs are good for both teams as they seek to find their way in 2019-20. Despite the loss, the home team will know on any other Sunday the tables can be turned but for the visitors it was a perfect start. 3 points and the head of the table but a long road ahead and plenty more action.

Global Reserves 3, Barking Colts 1 (D3)

Another team making their bow with the ESFC is Global Reserves who took on Barking Colts today. All the scoring came in the opening period and the reports suggest that there was little between them other than finishing. The coaches and management of both teams will be eager to get out there for the next game in order to build on what they witnessed today. The home team in this one is built of players new to the ESFC and the level whilst the Colts, already established in D3 will be happy to move on and start again with renewed energy and focus. Maybe setting out their stall as one of the pre-season favourites will start to ask questions but there’s evidence to suggest that the visitors will have a great say in the outcome of the division. (John Rice, Barking Colts, is pictured above receiving another award on behalf of his team)