There are some important messages that follow, please read and take action where appropriate.

Sin Bin Updates

I am sure you will be well aware that all referees plus one official representative from each club must attend Sin Bin training prior to the season starting.

Click this page to take you to the County website and to book online

We cannot stress highly enough how important this course is and takes only 1-2 hours of your time to complete. The ramifications of not attending puts not only your club, but the league in default status. We should be thinking of everyone at this stage and not just ourselves.

Changes to the Laws of the Game

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There can be no excuses for going into the new season without an understanding of how these changes affect our local game. In the pre-season games that I have officiated in so far some of the new laws have been explained as they occur during the match. But for a comprehensive review, please click the link above. But, please remember, these new laws are a challenge for both the officials and the teams as they are bedded into competitive football so take an extra moment to think about your next action!


The first thing that any referee should have on his mind is the health & safety of the players & other match officials. It has already occurred in one of my games following an accidental boot to the head, he was asked to sit it out and his condition regularly observed by his bench. Don’t take chances and be aware of the priorities. Football is second to your health!