As the dust settles 24 hours after a chalk & cheese day for the ESFC, we are left to rue events which require that games are settled off the pitch.

This is NOT are preferred method and we will all be most thankful if we can return and take note of the professionalism and sportsmanship shown during the Beitler Cup Final

Despite their best efforts, FC One Twenty found themselves beaten to the trophy by a determined South Ilford Catholics team who threw everything in the way to try and secure the trophy on behalf of their “sister” Joanne who sadly lost her life just recently.

After the game, the gallant losers commented that they had enjoyed the occasion and the day, had taken part in something special but the only thing they couldn’t do was land the trophy. All else was as good as they hoped it could be. That’s the class and good grace that pleases us and you should rightly be proud of yourselves.

As a reminder, there are lots of people at a Cup final and we are asking that you how as much respect as you can for the occasion, your fellow players and supporters of both sides, the officials and the arena in which you are playing.

Of the three games yesterday, two are up for investigation and further action for different reasons so not ideal as everything goes.