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Finally, we are able to bring you the latest version of our website and what a journey it has been. The last one was hacked and allowed people to complain and bring it to its knees. Now we are back and I love how it feels. Lots of work gone into getting it to this level.

Some people have too much time on their hands.

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Tables (19 December 2021)

Senior Division
1Walthamstow Red Star First54012511142.4012
2Barkingside Sunday6402191092.0012
3Global (S) First632112931.8311
4JK Silvertown (S) First431016972.5010
5Weare United (S) First92162228-60.787
6Loxford Lions (S) First6006835-270.000
Division One
1FIFE First97113312212.4422
2Newbury Forest Sunday Reserves77004511343.0021
3FC Leytonstone First76014210322.5718
4Gants Hill (S) First8521339242.1217
5Rainham Working Mens Club Sunday First9423332671.5614
6Horse & Well (S) First84131418-41.6213
7Debden Sports Club Sunday First6303191631.509
8Flamengo FC First32107522.337
9South Ilford Catholic (S) First91171729-120.444
10Brentwood Rangers First91081147-360.333
11Real Dagenham (S) First7007737-300.000
12Warren United (S) Blues6006849-410.000
Division Two
1Bretons Manor (S) First119204820282.6429
2Hainault Athletic (S) First107033132-12.1021
3Rainham Working Mens Club Sunday Reserve11524342681.5517
4Sher Force (S) First8422191361.7514
5BSL FC 1st team9306282621.009
6Debden Sports Club Sunday A102351619-30.909
7Cardinals Athletic (S) First82152030-100.887
8Essex Minors (Hornchurch) (S) First61141330-170.674
9Barking Colts (S) First7034821-130.433

Our aim, as it is every season, is to provide an honest, fair & competitive league for all teams to compete in. We pride ourselves in trying to do things the right way……with respect for everyone and all other organisations. By nature, we are competitive and expect everyone to uphold, respect & preserve the integrity of these competitions. I have an experienced Management team who have decades of experience and share my love for the game. Between us we intend to continue to improve the experience for our own clubs and look forward to making sure the ESFC is the place to be for all teams and match officials.

Bob Chesney, Chairman of the League

Where views are expressed on this website, please bear in mind that they are purely my own and not necessarily those of the Essex Sunday Football Combination. Where possible, every care has been taken not to offend, or to cause offence. The intention of this website is to be informative and entertaining, as well as conveying messages designed to help our member teams and associated friends. If you are affected by any content, please email info@esfc1937.uk in the first instance to convey your thoughts.

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