Pre-Season Update

Sin Bin Training

We will not be allowed to affiliate the league until 75% of its member clubs have attended this 1-2 hour obligatory course. So far we are short of this target. There are two dates left. Please click on the link for the dates left, which are 25/6 & 1/7


There are deadlines for you to return club information plus league fees. There’s a date by which you also need to get in your pitch dates. Whatsmore, there’s also another date for you to get your completed player registration sheets in so that they ay play from September 1st.


I have invested some time in developing the website into a much more elegant affair and hopefully you will approve of the changes.

Of course, as more information filters in from the clubs, that side of the site will grow with it. For now, peruse the changes to the Home & Committee pages.

Hope you like them.

   The ESFC has served the local football community since 1937 and has done so with honour and the intention of providing a fair, honest & competitive platform. Indeed we were most saddened when our close friend, Tommy Walker, passed away recently. He himself believed in those ideals and we often shared information over drinks to the benefit of both the Combination and Corinthian Leagues. One day that might return, maybe it isn’t the modern way, but we won’t lower our own standards. Our beliefs lie in honesty, loyalty & doing the right thing and hopefully our teams will be stronger, more viable and enjoy success on and off the field for having those values.

Joe Sach

Vice-Chairman, Essex Sunday Football Combination

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