Bob Chesney – 07507


Roger Chilvers – 07710


Joe Sach – 07507


Jim Brown – 07717


Paul Phipps – 07807


Keith Everett –


Billy Taylor – 07817


open position (apply to Bob Chesney)


Don Luxford – 07500

Bob Chesney


The Chairman is responsible for the overall running of the league, making sure each element ticks along efficiently and effectively. Must also receive a copy of most league communications from clubs.

Roger Chilvers

Gen. Secretary

The main man for all administration issues in relation to the league. All complaints regarding match issues should be sent to him and the relevant Secretary copied in by email. Roger also helps to run Saturday & Sunday sides so has a wealth of knowledge.

Joe Sach


Supports the Chairman but also deals with ESFC Website & Social Media. A qualified County Referee, can also help with issues regarding administrations for the match officials and Essex County FA.

Paul Phipps

Registration Sec

Controls registrations for all players. Any enquiry must go through Paul and is the last word on eligibility. Also controls the Social Media accounts so will usually answer most Twitter links. Also runs both Saturday & Sunday sides so a good source of help and guidance.

Jim Brown

Referees Secretary

Responsible for making sure there are referees on all games. All issues post match should be directed to Roger, Jim & Bob. All enquiries regarding referees must be done in a timely manner to allow for a quick resolution. Check the FA Full-Time for all current appointments.

Keith Everett

Fixtures Secretary

Is responsible for all fixture appointments. All enquiries, once again, must be made quickly in order for the most effective resolution. Please check the FA Full-Time for the current situation before making contact. Email is preferable so we can keep a trail or proof of request. Text or phone for urgent matters.

Billy Taylor

Results & Media

Handles FA Full-Time for fxtures results & administration. One of the three of us who deal with the Twitter account. The League’s DJ & technology specialist, especially on Cup Finals. An accomplished Senior County Referee who can assist on relevant matters.


Disciplinary Sec.

This position is currently vacant. If you’d like to join the Management team and can offer us some limited time during the season then please get in touch.

Don Luxford

Club Delegate

Don knows the rule book back to front and in swear language too! Any issues that you have with referees, the league or fixtures, he is the man to talk to first and he will take up your case. Don’t forget to send an email tp Roger & Bob first, but then enlist the help of Don to fight your corner and give you good representation. He may even settle the issue before the Committee rules on it. An important position, please take advantage of this role and use it when necessary. You stand a good chance of success by doing so.

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