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Welcome to the website of the oldest established Sunday League in Essex. Formed in 1937 we are proud to have laid the foundations and traditions for competitive grassroots football in the localised area. We have a wealth of experience in our Management team to allow us to provide a competitive platform for all the teams that make up such a successful and challenging environment. Catering for all levels of teams, from serious Senior level quality football that is amongst the most successful on a Sunday, and boasting several winners of County competitions, all the way down to friends knocking it about for a bonding session every weekend. We have it all.

In the middle of our 84th year of existence, our strengths are that we remain mindful of what it is to take part where fairness and a challenge are cornerstones of what makes for successful competitions. We are constantly trying to evolve in the right way.

Equality, Sustainability, Fairness & Competitiveness, the four initials of our name which adequately capture the essence of our existence.


Season 2019-20 Is Over!!

Just recently we voted to null & void the current (2019-20) season on the basis that a level playing field had not been achieved and therefore any games should be expunged from the record books.

It must be added that although we were guided to this decision, and that our clubs voted 64%-36% in favour of said action, we will be seeking to ratify that in a conference with County later today (Monday 6th April)

But be aware, we represent ALL clubs in our league equally and Division One just would not work with the alternative Points per Game scenario. Therefore, with this in mind, and the general feeling amongst the clubs, we settled for the only outcome that would be suitable for all.

No, it does not do justice to the efforts made by most teams, but nothing should be decided with so many ifs, buts & maybes.


Further announcements will be made as soon as we are able.

  • Update on our previous decision to null & void
  • Potential update on financial help for 2020
  • Any other news

Next Club Council Meeting

May 2020 (tbc)

at the M & B Sports and Social Club, Dagenham Road, Romford. RM7 0QX

Whilst we are under some “house arrest” with no social gatherings allowed we are unable to commit to the date of the next Council Meeting. As soon as we are able, we will be getting the clubs together to discuss the way forward.


PS……and don’t forget to wash your hands!!


New Team Application 2020-21

Looking to pit your wits amongst the best in Sunday League football then look no further. We passionately believe in trying to give you a fair an equal platform to play your game and everyone is welcome. there is a raft of experience that we can upon to help & assist you.  Just fill out our short intro form and we will do the rest.

We will be offering all teams assistance or incentives for the new season. We appreciate that finance is the single biggest obstacle to any team for grassroots football. We aim to help the best we can.


Storm Season Effects

One Step Closer Global took a massive stride towards retaining their title with a hard fought win at Low Hall Farm. In a venue switch arranged by Skrt, the plucky new side to the ESFC pushed the current champions all the way. Conditions this morning in Walthamstow...

Bang in Trouble

Cancelled Games We are now at the point of no return. With immediate effect, ALL games will be subject to change and that includes matches for the forthcoming Sunday. Every team and match official will be subject to moves so please pay close attention to the...

Red Hot Race to the Title

A last gasp winner keeps Global at the summit of an intense fight for the Senior title

As You Were

Last weekend saw the potential title decider take place at a soggy, boggy Warren Sports Centre. A few of us were in attendance, notably to witness a tough match contested to the limits by both sides. BigFootballer TV captured the action and highlights will be...

Darkness & Light

“You cannot defeat darkness by running from it, nor can you conquer your inner demons by hiding them from the world. In order to defeat the darkness, you must bring it into the light.” Pre-Christmas Report As we head into the Christmas festivities and a little break...

Highlights of the AGM

A successful AGM concluded with the presentation and recognition of all the achievements for last season. The following were some of the items agreed for 2019-20.

  • Suspend the introduction of rolling substitutions while we adopt the new Sin Bin requirements
  • New rules regarding qualification of players between First Team and Reserves
  • All new player registrations must be submitted by noon on the Friday before the game but you are still allowed to sign two new players on the day of a league game. All other registration rules stay the same.
  • Double Header fee for a referee is raised from £45 to £50 to bring them in line with most other leagues. No changes to any other fees.


Recent Posts

Our aim, as it is every season, is to provide an honest, fair and competitive league for all teams to compete in. We pride ourselves in trying to do things the right way…..with respect for everyone and all other organisations. By nature we are competitive and expect everyone to behave and respect and preserve the integrity of these competitions. I have an experienced Management team who have decades of experience and share my love for the game. Between us we intend to continue to improve the experience for our own clubs and look forward to making sure the ESFC is the place to be for all teams and match officials.

Bob Chesney

Chairman of the League, Essex Sunday Football Combination


All views expressed on this site are usually my own and not intended to cause issues with clubs, their officers and players. If you feel offended by any content, by all means send me an email and I will review ASAP. 

We are affiliated to the Essex County Football Association and our handbook is sanctioned by them according to the statute laws.  Any amendments following the initial hard print publication will be available ONLY in the electronic version for contact and club details only. No laws/rules can be changed without proper authority and ratified by the governing bodies.

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